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What is Bearbrick 1000%

What is Bearbrick 1000%? The The Ultimate Guide Every Collector Needs to Know

The Allure of Bearbrick in Pop Culture

Bearbrick, a creation of Medicom Toy Inc., transcends the boundaries of a mere toy, embodying a cultural symbol deeply rooted in Japanese pop culture and the global collectible toy market. This series, with its unique fusion of art, fashion, and design, has garnered an eclectic fanbase, ranging from art connoisseurs to avid toy collectors. The Bearbrick 1000% stands as a colossal figure in this series, both in size and in cultural impact.

At an imposing 70cm (27.5 inches), the Bearbrick 1000% is 1000% larger than the standard Bearbrick 100, making it not just a toy but a significant statement piece in any collection. Its simple yet distinct design, featuring a bear-like figure with a brick-shaped head, serves as a blank canvas for a plethora of artistic interpretations. This size variant, while retaining the playful essence of its smaller counterparts, offers a more substantial presence, ideal for showcasing intricate designs and collaborations.

The allure of Bearbrick 1000% extends beyond its physical stature. It represents a cultural melting pot, where the worlds of contemporary art, high fashion, and pop culture converge. Each Bearbrick 1000% figure often features exclusive collaborations with renowned artists, fashion houses, and popular media franchises. These collaborations have included high-end fashion brands like Chanel, streetwear icons like BAPE, and celebrated artists like KAWS. Furthermore, the Bearbrick 1000% has ventured into recreations of characters from classic movies and music, adding a nostalgic yet modern twist to the collection.

This unique blend of size, design, and cultural relevance makes the Bearbrick 1000% a prized possession for collectors. It’s not just about owning a piece of the collection; it’s about being part of a global cultural phenomenon that continues to evolve and fascinate. The Bearbrick 1000%, in its grandeur and diversity, encapsulates the essence of what makes the entire Bearbrick series so captivating and enduring in the world of collectibles.

Bearbrick x Banksy – Flower Bomber and Flying Balloon Girl
Bearbrick x Banksy – Flower Bomber and Flying Balloon Girl

The Distinctive Design and Size of Bearbrick 1000%

The Bearbrick 1000% is a marvel in the world of collectibles, marked by its distinctive design and grand size. As the largest variant in the Bearbrick series, it stands at a towering height of 70cm (27.5 inches), making it 1000% bigger than the standard Bearbrick 100. This enormous scale transforms the Bearbrick from a simple toy to an impressive display piece.

Its design retains the classic Bearbrick silhouette—a bear-like figure with a brick-patterned head, a symbol that has become synonymous with the Bearbrick brand. Despite its size, the Bearbrick 1000% maintains a balance between simplicity and detail. The figure’s body serves as a canvas for artistic expression, allowing for intricate designs and detailed patterns that are not as easily realized on smaller variants.

The Bearbrick 1000% is not just a larger version of its predecessors; it’s a statement of artistic intent and cultural relevance. Its vinyl construction ensures durability while allowing for a range of textures and finishes. The figure also features articulation in its limbs, enabling various poses, a characteristic that adds an interactive dimension to its display value.

This size and design combination make the Bearbrick 1000% a highly sought-after item for collectors and art enthusiasts. Each release often sees unique and limited edition designs, making each Bearbrick 1000% not just a toy, but a collectible piece of art. This distinctive blend of design and size is what sets the Bearbrick 1000% apart in the collectible world, making it a must-have for those who appreciate the intersection of pop culture, art, and design.

Bearbrick x Daft Punk Random Access Memories Version 1000% Gold Toy 1

OBearbrick x Daft Punk 1000% Gold Toy

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Size Matters: Comparing Bearbrick Sizes and Prices

The Bearbrick series, created by Medicom Toy Inc., offers a fascinating array of sizes, each with its unique appeal and price range, catering to a wide spectrum of collectors. The series starts with the 50% Bearbrick, a diminutive figure standing just 4cm tall, typically priced between $10 and $50. This size is perfect for those who prefer a more subtle addition to their collection.

As we ascend the size scale, the 70% Bearbrick measures 5cm in height and is valued between $20 and $100. Following this is the 100% Bearbrick, the standard size of the series, standing at 7cm with a price range of $50 to $300. This size is popular for its balance of affordability and display presence.

The 150% version, at 10.5cm, slightly larger, falls within a price bracket of $75 to $200. Then comes the 200% Bearbrick, which at 14cm tall, becomes a more noticeable piece in any collection, commanding a price between $100 and $500.

A significant jump in size and price is seen with the 400% Bearbrick. At 28cm, this size becomes a centerpiece in collections, priced between $200 and $1000, reflecting its larger stature and often more detailed designs.

The Bearbrick 1000%, the giant of the series, towers at an impressive 70cm (27.5 inches). It’s not just the size that’s larger-than-life but also its market value, with prices often starting from $500 and can escalate beyond $5000, depending on the rarity and design of the figure. This size is the most sought-after by serious collectors due to its commanding presence and the intricate detailing possible on such a large canvas. The Bearbrick 1000% is more than just a collectible; it’s a statement piece, often featuring limited edition designs and collaborations with renowned artists and brands.

This range of sizes and prices in the Bearbrick series offers something for every level of collector, from the casual enthusiast to the serious investor. The Bearbrick 1000%, with its grand size and often high price tag, represents the pinnacle of collectibility in this unique and diverse series.

Bearbrick x Marvel Iron Man Mark 85 1000% Toy

Bearbrick x Marvel Iron Man Mark 85 1000% Toy

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Diverse Themes and Exclusive Collaborations

The Bearbrick 1000% series stands as a testament to creative collaboration and thematic diversity, combining the allure of collectible art with the influence of pop culture, fashion, and contemporary art.

One of the most prominent collaborations in the Bearbrick 1000% series is with American artist KAWS, particularly notable in the KAWS Dissected 1000% Bearbrick. This unique design features differing patterns on each half of the Bearbrick’s body, with one side displaying the exterior of KAWS’ Companions characters, and the other showing a ‘dissected’ view of their internal organs. These Bearbricks, available in black, brown, and grey, have been valued between $9,000 to $14,000​​.

Another high-profile collaboration is with the iconic French fashion designer Coco Chanel. Designed by Karl Lagerfeld, this Bearbrick was produced for a charity auction in 2007 and features Chanel’s signature tweed suit and pearls. Its rarity, having never been remade, has led to its value increasing over the years, with current estimates around $74,999​​. This piece is also noted for being part of the ‘Love is Big, Love is Bearbrick’ event in Hong Kong, further emphasizing its exclusivity and appeal to fashion and design enthusiasts​​.

The Bearbrick 1000% series also includes a collaboration between mastermind, BAPE, and Medicom Toy, known as the mastermind vs BAPE Bearbrick 1000%. This collaboration brought together two celebrated Japanese streetwear brands, featuring BAPE’s camouflage patterns and shark motif on one half of the Bearbrick’s face and mastermind’s skull and crossbones symbol on the other. The two color versions, Green Camo and Yellow, are valued at different prices, highlighting the demand and exclusivity of these pieces​​.

Additionally, the Bearbrick 1000% line includes a collaboration with Emotionally Unavailable, a clothing brand by Edison Chen and Kybum Lee. The Emotionally Unavailable 1000% Bearbrick, released in 2020, features a unique light-up heart, adding an innovative twist to the collectible. The Red Heart versions range in price from $1,700, with the Clear version valued as high as $9,556, underscoring its rarity and desirability​​.

Moreover, Bearbrick’s collaboration with Keith Haring showcases the lasting influence of the American artist, even decades after his passing. The Bearbrick x Keith Haring collection includes several designs, with the first full-sized version in the collection listed at $3,950. The series has expanded to include a total of 8 versions, each embodying Haring’s vibrant and socially conscious art style​​.

Medicom Toy categorizes Bearbrick releases into different types, including Standard, Basic, Artist, and Secret, each with varying rarity and themes. Bearbricks are also themed under categories like Jellybean, Pattern, Flag, Animal, Cute, Horror, Science Fiction, and Hero, showcasing a vast range of designs inspired by various cultural elements​​.

In summary, the Bearbrick 1000% series encapsulates a unique blend of art, fashion, and pop culture, making each piece not just a collectible, but a symbol of artistic collaboration and thematic richness. The diversity of themes and the exclusivity of collaborations contribute significantly to the high collectibility and value of Bearbrick 1000% figures.

Bearbrick Marvel Venom The Amazing Spider-Man 1000% Toy

Bearbrick Marvel Venom The Amazing Spider-Man 1000% Toy

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Ensuring Authenticity: Spotting the Real Deal

Ensuring the authenticity of Bearbrick 1000% figures is crucial for collectors, given the prevalence of counterfeits in the market. To distinguish genuine Bearbricks from fakes, there are several key indicators to consider:

  1. Authenticity Sticker and Hologram: One of the primary methods to verify a genuine Bearbrick 1000% is through the authenticity sticker found on the box. This sticker should include a hologram and a unique serial number. The presence of this sticker is a significant indication of authenticity, as counterfeit products often lack this feature or have poorly replicated holograms.
  2. Quality of Materials and Craftsmanship: Authentic Bearbrick 1000% figures are made from high-quality vinyl, which gives them a distinctive feel and weight. The craftsmanship should be impeccable, with smooth finishes and precise paintwork. Counterfeits often have inferior material quality, rough finishes, and sloppy paint details.
  3. Design and Color Accuracy: Genuine Bearbrick 1000% figures have designs that are true to the original artist’s or brand’s collaboration. The colors should be vibrant and consistent, with no bleeding or smudging. Counterfeit versions may have off-colors, inconsistent designs, or visible design flaws that deviate from the original.
  4. Joint Movement and Stability: Authentic Bearbricks have well-articulated joints that move smoothly and allow the figure to hold poses. The figure should also stand stable without any wobbling. Counterfeits often have stiff or loose joints and may not stand upright properly.
  5. Price and Seller Reputation: If the price of a Bearbrick 1000% seems too good to be true, it likely is. Authentic Bearbricks, especially rare or limited editions, command high prices. Purchasing from reputable sellers or authorized dealers can reduce the risk of encountering counterfeits. Research the seller’s reputation, customer reviews, and history of selling authentic collectibles.
  6. Packaging and Documentation: The packaging of a genuine Bearbrick 1000% should be of high quality, with clear, crisp printing and proper branding. Any accompanying documentation, like certificates of authenticity or artist information, should also be present and professionally produced.
  7. Comparison with Verified Sources: Comparing the Bearbrick in question with images or specifications from verified sources, such as the official Medicom Toy website or authorized retailers, can help identify discrepancies in design or quality that indicate a counterfeit.

By being vigilant and considering these factors, collectors can better ensure that they are adding authentic Bearbrick 1000% figures to their collections, thus preserving the value and integrity of their investments.

KAWS Dissected 1000% Bearbrick
KAWS Dissected 1000% Bearbrick

The Cultural Impact and Collectibility of Bearbrick 1000%

The Bearbrick 1000% series, an iconic creation of Medicom Toy Inc., has established itself as a cultural phenomenon, transcending the boundaries of a mere collectible toy to become a symbol of art, design, and pop culture influence.

Cultural Significance: Bearbrick 1000% has become more than just a collectible item; it represents a crossroads of various cultural elements. These figures are not only popular among toy collectors but also revered in the art, fashion, and design communities. The Bearbrick’s simple, yet iconic design allows for endless artistic expression, making each piece a unique work of art. The collaborations with high-profile artists, designers, and brands have further elevated its status, making it a canvas for contemporary cultural expression.

The Bearbrick 1000% series has been instrumental in blurring the lines between toys and art. It challenges the traditional perceptions of what constitutes a collectible, merging the playful and nostalgic aspects of toy collecting with the sophistication of art collection. This crossover appeal has made Bearbricks a staple in not only personal collections but also in art galleries and designer spaces, showcasing their broad appeal and cultural significance.

Reasons Behind High Collectibility:

  1. Limited Edition Releases: Many Bearbrick 1000% figures are released as limited editions. This scarcity adds to their collectibility, as each piece becomes a sought-after item for collectors and enthusiasts.
  2. Diverse Collaborations and Themes: The extensive range of themes and collaborations, from luxury fashion brands to iconic pop culture figures, ensures that there is a Bearbrick 1000% that appeals to a wide range of interests. This diversity attracts a broad spectrum of collectors.
  3. Investment Value: Over the years, certain Bearbrick 1000% figures have appreciated in value, making them not just collectibles but also valuable investments. The combination of artistic merit and limited availability often results in a significant increase in market value over time.
  4. Cultural and Artistic Expression: Collectors are drawn to the artistic expression that each Bearbrick 1000% offers. Owning a Bearbrick is often seen as owning a piece of contemporary art, reflecting the collector’s personal taste and interest in modern cultural trends.
  5. Community and Fandom: The Bearbrick series has fostered a dedicated community of collectors and enthusiasts. This community aspect, including forums, exhibitions, and trade events, adds to the allure of collecting Bearbricks, creating a shared experience among fans and collectors worldwide.

In summary, the Bearbrick 1000% series has carved out a unique niche in the world of collectibles. Its cultural impact and the reasons behind its high collectibility stem from its artistic flexibility, limited edition nature, and its ability to encapsulate contemporary cultural trends. These aspects make Bearbrick 1000% a symbol of modern collectibility, appealing to a wide range of collectors and art enthusiasts.

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