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Discover the Best KAWS Companions for Resale in One Comprehensive Guide

In the eclectic world of contemporary art, few names resonate as profoundly as Brian Donnelly, professionally known as KAWS. Beginning his journey in the gritty streets of New York as a graffiti artist, KAWS ingeniously blended his passion for street art with a keen eye for commercial design, ultimately catapulting himself into the limelight of […]

All Abou Bearbrick Figures The Ultimate Guide Every Collector Should To Know 4

All Abou Bearbrick Figures: The Ultimate Guide Every Collector Should To Know

Is it merely a collectible or a canvas for contemporary art? Can a simple toy encapsulate the essence of modern pop culture? These questions lie at the heart of the allure surrounding Bearbrick figures, the brainchild of Medicom Toy, that has transcended the boundaries of traditional collectibles. Medicom’s Bearbrick has not only sparked a frenzy […]

BE@RBRICK Artisan display of different materials

How to Spot a Fake Bearbrick Toy? Every Collector Should To Know

Have you ever wondered how a simple toy could become a symbol of luxury and a staple in the world of high-end collectibles? Enter the realm of Bearbrick, a phenomenon that has captivated collectors and fashion enthusiasts alike. But, what exactly makes a Bearbrick so special? Is it the array of sizes ranging from the […]

How to Spot a Fake KAWS Figure : Every Collector Should To Know

In the dynamic world of contemporary art and collectibles, few names resonate as powerfully as that of KAWS, an artist whose work transcends the conventional boundaries of street art and high-end galleries. KAWS, born Brian Donnelly, has carved a unique niche for himself, merging pop culture, street aesthetics, and fine art to create a style […]

Exploring Hajime Sorayama's Sexy Robots :The Art of Attraction

Exploring Hajime Sorayama’s Sexy Robots :The Art of Attraction

In the fascinating world of contemporary art, few figures have managed to blend the lines between technology and eroticism as distinctively as Hajime Sorayama. Sorayama, a Japanese artist, has established himself as a pioneering figure in the realm of sexy robot art, a genre that combines the allure of the human form with the sleek, […]

Bearbrick x Daft Punk Bridging Art, Music, and Collectibles

Exploring Bearbrick × Daft Punk Collaboration: A Journey from Music to Collectible Art

In the dynamic world of collectible toys and contemporary art, the fusion of music and designer art has given rise to some extraordinary collaborations, none more striking than the alliance between Bearbrick and Daft Punk. Bearbrick, a collectible toy line produced by the Japanese company Medicom Toy Incorporated, has been a prominent figure in the […]

KAWS Holiday Space Edition - An Artistic Odyssey from Earth to the Cosmos

KAWS Holiday Space Edition – An Artistic Odyssey from Earth to the Cosmos

In the dynamic landscape of contemporary art and luxury collections, few artists have managed to create a cultural phenomenon quite like KAWS. Born Brian Donnelly, KAWS has transcended the boundaries of street art to establish himself as a pivotal figure in the modern art and luxury scenes. His signature characters and motifs, notably the COMPANION, […]

Discover the All Series of Bearbrick Ironman A Must-Read for Every Collector

Discover the All Series of Bearbrick Ironman: A Must-Read for Every Collector

In the dynamic realm of collectible toys, Bearbrick Ironman stands as a beacon of creativity and excitement. This series, a brainchild of the Bearbrick x Marvel collaboration, captures the essence of Iron Man, one of Marvel’s most iconic superheroes, in a unique and collectible form. Among these, the Bearbrick Ironman Mark 50 has emerged as […]

Top 10 KAWS Figures Every Collector Should Aspire to Own: A Deep Dive into the World of KAWS Collectibles

In the dynamic realm of contemporary art, few figures have sparked as much intrigue and demand as KAWS, the pseudonym of American artist Brian Donnelly. Renowned for his audacious foray into the world of art, KAWS transcends the conventional boundaries between fine art and commercialism. His enigmatic pieces, predominantly vinyl figures, stand at the intersection […]

What is Bearbrick 1000%

What is Bearbrick 1000%? The The Ultimate Guide Every Collector Needs to Know

The Allure of Bearbrick in Pop Culture Bearbrick, a creation of Medicom Toy Inc., transcends the boundaries of a mere toy, embodying a cultural symbol deeply rooted in Japanese pop culture and the global collectible toy market. This series, with its unique fusion of art, fashion, and design, has garnered an eclectic fanbase, ranging from […]

Top 10 Iconic BE@RBRICK Collaborations You Should Know

What happens when the playful simplicity of a toy intersects with the sophisticated realms of high fashion and cutting-edge art? This question finds its answer in the unique world of BE@RBRICK, the iconic collectible series from Medicom Toy. Since its inception in 2001, BE@RBRICK has transcended its initial identity as a collectible toy, evolving into […]

BE@RBRICK Artisan display of different materials

Investing in Bearbricks: A Smart Move or Just Hype?

Exploring Bearbrick’s Investment Potential Have you ever pondered the potential of Bearbrick figures as a wise investment choice? If you’re new to the collectible art toy market, let me illuminate why these figures have been making waves. Created by Medicom Toy, a Japanese company renowned for its innovative approach to art toys, Bearbricks burst onto […]

Bearbrick collections

Why Bearbrick Figures are So Popular: The Top 5 Reasons Behind Their Fame

The Enchanting World of Bearbrick Figures In the vibrant landscape of contemporary collectibles, Bearbrick figures stand out as a beacon of creativity and cultural significance. Conceived in 2001 by the renowned Japanese company Medicom Toy, Bearbricks have transcended their initial status as toys to become coveted pieces of art. These figures, characterized by their simplistic […]

By BE@RBRICK 2021 Macau Galaxy Flash Store

Feature Spotlight: Who Created the Trendsetting “Top-tier” BE@RBRICK? ” By UrbToy 2023

Background Introduction Stepping into any trendy store today, it’s common to be greeted by the sight of a few BE@RBRICK figures, standing as a testament to modern pop culture. Celebrating its 20th birthday this year, this trendy toy, known as “Bearbrick, BB, Brick Bear, or little Brick Bear” among Chinese consumers, has become synonymous with […]

Brian Donnelly painting by urbtoy

10 Truths: The Enigmatic World of KAWS (Brian Donnelly)

Introduction: Unveiling KAWS (Brian Donnelly) Renowned globally, the artist known as KAWS was born Brian Donnelly in 1974, New Jersey, USA. Today, he stands as one of the most influential modern artists, his works traversing contemporary art, product design, paintings, murals, large sculptures, and toys. Yet, the moniker KAWS wasn’t Brian’s first choice, revealing the […]

Tatsuhiko Akashi

Tatsuhiko Akashi: A Journey from Idea to Icon with Bearbrick

Tatsuhiko Akashi: The Man Behind the Bearbrick Vision In the dynamic world of designer toys, Tatsuhiko Akashi stands as a beacon of innovation and creativity. As the founder of Medicom Toy, he has breathed life into an industry by merging craftsmanship, artistry, and culture into a single entity best exemplified by the iconic Bearbrick. Akashi’s […]

Brian Donnelly

KAWS: From Graffiti to Gallery – The Artistic Journey of Brian Donnelly

Early Beginnings of Brian Donnelly (KAWS) Born in 1974, in Jersey City, New Jersey, Brian Donnelly’s early life was much like any other until his affinity for graffiti sprouted during his high school years. His initial education took place at Saint Anthony High School, which was followed by enrollment at the School of Visual Arts […]

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