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Top 10 Iconic BE@RBRICK Collaborations You Should Know

What happens when the playful simplicity of a toy intersects with the sophisticated realms of high fashion and cutting-edge art? This question finds its answer in the unique world of BE@RBRICK, the iconic collectible series from Medicom Toy. Since its inception in 2001, BE@RBRICK has transcended its initial identity as a collectible toy, evolving into a symbol of artistic collaboration and fashion innovation.

Why do these bear-shaped figures captivate the imagination of collectors and artists alike? Each BE@RBRICK is a blank canvas, offering endless possibilities for creative expression. From the compact 100% scale to the imposing 1000% scale, these figures are not just varied in size but are also diverse in their artistic potential. But what truly elevates BE@RBRICK above a mere collectible is its ability to serve as a nexus for extraordinary collaborations.

How does a BE@RBRICK become a coveted piece of art? Is it through the association with luxury brands like Chanel, or is it the touch of renowned artists like KAWS and Banksy? These collaborations transform each figure into a unique fusion of the collaborator’s vision and the iconic BE@RBRICK silhouette. The result? Limited edition pieces that are as much a fashion statement as they are a collector’s dream.

Can these collaborations be seen as a reflection of contemporary culture, where the lines between art, fashion, and pop culture are increasingly blurred? Indeed, BE@RBRICK stands at this intersection, symbolizing a new era of collectibles where art is not confined to canvases and fashion extends beyond clothing. As we delve into the most iconic BE@RBRICK collaborations, we explore not just the figures themselves but the stories, trends, and artistic visions they represent. This journey into the heart of BE@RBRICK’s fusion with art and fashion is not just about admiring collectibles; it’s about understanding the dynamic landscape of modern creative expression.

Bearbrick collections
Bearbrick collections

KAWS Dissected 1000% Bearbrick

In the illustrious lineup of BE@RBRICK collaborations, the KAWS Dissected 1000% Bearbrick is a standout piece, emblematic of artistic innovation and uniqueness. Created by American artist KAWS, known for his impactful character designs and global art installations, this series represents a confluence of art and collectible design. His famous Companions series, which features clown-like figures reminiscent of the iconic Mickey Mouse, is ingeniously adapted into the BE@RBRICK form. This particular collaboration is distinguished by its dual design approach: one half of the Bearbrick showcases the Companions’ external façade, while the other half reveals a ‘dissected’ view, exposing the imagined internal structure. This striking design not only highlights KAWS’ creative prowess but also pushes the boundaries of character design and art toys. Available in three color variants – Black, Brown, and Grey – this Bearbrick has become a highly sought-after collectible, with its value and rarity reflected in the market.

  • Artist: KAWS
  • Series: Companions
  • Color Variants: Black, Brown, Grey
  • Price Range: $9,000 to $14,000
  • Special Features: Dual design showing exterior and ‘dissected’ interior​​.
KAWS Dissected 1000% Bearbrick
KAWS Dissected 1000% Bearbrick

Coco Chanel 1000% Bearbrick

The Coco Chanel 1000% Bearbrick, designed by the legendary Karl Lagerfeld, merges the opulence of high fashion with the allure of collectible art. Conceived in 2006 as a tribute to Coco Chanel, the founder of the Chanel brand, this Bearbrick stands as a unique entity in the realm of art collectibles. Embodying Chanel’s classic elegance, the figure is adorned in the brand’s signature tweed suit and pearls, encapsulating the timeless chic of Chanel. Produced in a limited edition of approximately 1,000 pieces for a charity auction, the Coco Chanel Bearbrick is a rare gem in the world of fashion collectibles. Its scarcity and connection to a fashion icon have significantly elevated its market value, making it a prized possession for collectors and fashion aficionados alike.

  • Designer: Karl Lagerfeld
  • Year of Design: 2006
  • Edition Size: Approximately 1,000
  • Material: Standard BE@RBRICK material (plastic)
  • Special Features: Dressed in Chanel’s signature tweed suit and pearls
  • Current Market Value: Approximately $74,999
  • Purpose: Charity auction for the Hong Kong Blood Cancer Foundation​​​​.
Coco Chanel 1000% Bearbrick
Coco Chanel 1000% Bearbrick

Mastermind vs BAPE Bearbrick 1000%

The mastermind vs BAPE Bearbrick 1000% is a remarkable fusion of two iconic Japanese streetwear brands, mastermind JAPAN and A Bathing Ape (BAPE), each known for their distinct aesthetic in the fashion world. This collaboration brings together mastermind’s famed skull and crossbones symbol with BAPE’s signature camouflage pattern, creating a unique and bold design. On the Bearbrick, one side of the face showcases the mastermind logo, while the other half is adorned with BAPE’s iconic shark motif, set against a backdrop of BAPE’s camo pattern. This striking design interplay not only celebrates the individuality of each brand but also creates a new visual language that appeals to fans of streetwear and collectibles alike. The mastermind vs BAPE Bearbrick, available in two color versions, has become a coveted item among collectors due to its creative design and the prestige of the brands involved.

  • Collaborating Brands: mastermind JAPAN, A Bathing Ape (BAPE)
  • Design Features: Skull and crossbones, shark motif, camouflage pattern
  • Color Versions: Green Camo, Yellow
  • Price Range: Green Camo version at $4,774, Yellow version at $2,208
  • Special Attributes: Combination of two iconic streetwear brand designs​​.
Bearbrick x A Bathing Ape x Neighborhood 1000% detail 9

Be@rbrick x A Bathing Ape x Neighborhood 1000% Toy

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Emotionally Unavailable 1000% Bearbrick (Red Heart)

The Emotionally Unavailable 1000% Bearbrick (Red Heart) is a testament to innovative design in the BE@RBRICK series, representing a collaboration with the clothing brand Emotionally Unavailable, co-founded by Edison Chen and Kybum Lee. Released in 2020 in Shibuya, Tokyo, this Bearbrick stands out for its heart-shaped design that lights up, adding an extraordinary dimension to the already distinctive BE@RBRICK form. This feature not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also symbolizes the brand’s focus on emotional expression and connection. The Red Heart versions are especially rare and sought after, with the Clear version being the most valuable. This Bearbrick, blending art, fashion, and technology, embodies the evolving nature of collectibles and is a prized piece for modern collectors.

  • Collaborating Brand: Emotionally Unavailable
  • Release Year: 2020
  • Unique Feature: Light-up heart design
  • Versions: Red Heart, Clear
  • Price Range: From $1,700 for Red Heart version, up to $9,556 for Clear version
  • Location of Release: Shibuya, Tokyo
  • Material: Standard BE@RBRICK material (plastic) with integrated lighting​​.
Emotionally Unavailable 1000% Bearbrick (Red Heart)
Emotionally Unavailable 1000% Bearbrick (Red Heart)

KAWS “Chompers” Bearbrick 1000%

KAWS “Chompers” Bearbrick 1000%

The KAWS “Chompers” Bearbrick 1000% is a pivotal piece in the realm of BE@RBRICK collaborations, marking an early and significant partnership with the acclaimed artist KAWS. Released in 2003, this collaboration showcases KAWS’ signature aesthetic, a blend of graffiti art, pop culture, and whimsical design. The “Chompers” Bearbrick features a bright blue figure, distinguished by a wide-open mouth filled with vividly depicted teeth – the defining aspect of the “Chompers” name. This design captures the essence of KAWS’ approach to art: playful yet thought-provoking, blending cartoon-like imagery with an edgy, modern twist. The limited release and the passage of time have only augmented its value and allure, making it a highly sought-after collectible, especially for fans of KAWS’ work and BE@RBRICK collectors.

  • Artist: KAWS
  • Release Year: 2003
  • Design Feature: Bright blue figure with a wide-open mouth and prominent teeth
  • Current Market Value: Approximately $18,500
  • Material: Standard BE@RBRICK material (plastic)
  • Special Attributes: Early collaboration with KAWS, limited release​​.
KAWS “Chompers” Bearbrick 1000%
KAWS “Chompers” Bearbrick 1000%

Bearbrick x Keith Haring Collection

The Bearbrick x Keith Haring Collection is a vibrant tribute to one of the most influential figures in pop art, Keith Haring. Known for his bold, graphic style and social activism, Haring’s work remains deeply impactful, decades after his passing. This collaboration infuses BE@RBRICK with Haring’s iconic style, characterized by bright colors, dancing figures, and bold lines. The first full-sized version in the collection, the Keith Haring BE@RBRICK #1 1000%, is a standout piece, beautifully encapsulating Haring’s artistic language and his commitment to making art accessible. The collection has expanded to include eight different versions, each bearing Haring’s unmistakable motifs and dynamic energy. These BE@RBRICKs serve not only as collectibles but also as a continuation of Haring’s legacy, bringing his art into new contexts and reaching new audiences.

  • Artist: Keith Haring
  • Key Design Elements: Bright colors, dancing figures, strong lines
  • Versions: 8 different versions in the collection
  • Price Range: First full-sized version listed at $3,950
  • Material: Standard BE@RBRICK material (plastic)
  • Special Attributes: Incorporates Keith Haring’s iconic art style and motifs​​.
Bearbrick x Keith Haring Collection
Bearbrick x Keith Haring Collection

Bearbrick x Breaking Bad Collection

The Bearbrick x Breaking Bad Collection is an intriguing blend of collectible art and television pop culture, inspired by the critically acclaimed TV series “Breaking Bad.” This collection captures the essence of the show’s distinctive visual elements and characters. Notably, the design incorporates the bright yellow protective uniform worn by Walter White, the show’s main character, and the one-eyed, half-burned pink teddy bear, a memorable image from the series. These iconic elements are cleverly integrated into the BE@RBRICK design, offering fans a unique way to commemorate their favorite show. The collection’s wide appeal is not just limited to fans of “Breaking Bad” but extends to a broader audience of pop culture and art collectors. With prices ranging from approximately $300 to $600, depending on the size, these Bearbricks are accessible yet valuable collectibles that embody the influence of modern television on contemporary art and collectibles.

  • Inspiration: “Breaking Bad” TV series
  • Design Elements: Walter White’s yellow protective uniform, one-eyed pink teddy bear
  • Price Range: Approximately $300 to $600, varying by size
  • Material: Standard BE@RBRICK material (plastic)
  • Special Attributes: Integrates iconic elements from the TV series into the design​​.
Bearbrick x Breaking Bad Collection
Bearbrick x Breaking Bad Collection

Bearbrick x Banksy – Flower Bomber and Flying Balloon Girl

The Bearbrick x Banksy collaboration brings the enigmatic and provocative art of Banksy into the realm of BE@RBRICK collectibles. This series features two of Banksy’s most famous graffiti artworks: “Flower Bomber” or “Flower Thrower,” depicting a masked man poised to throw a bouquet of colorful flowers, and “Flying Balloon Girl,” showing a young girl holding onto balloons as she appears to float away. These iconic images are masterfully adapted onto the Bearbrick canvas, maintaining the powerful visual impact and social commentary inherent in Banksy’s works. The transformation of these graffiti pieces into BE@RBRICK designs is a testament to the versatility and cultural relevance of Banksy’s art, making these collectibles not just objects of beauty but also of thought-provoking social narrative. The Bearbricks inspired by Banksy’s art are priced between $400 and $1000, reflecting their status as both art pieces and collectible items.

  • Artist: Banksy
  • Featured Artworks: “Flower Bomber” and “Flying Balloon Girl”
  • Price Range: $400 to $1000
  • Material: Standard BE@RBRICK material (plastic)
  • Special Attributes: Adapts Banksy’s iconic graffiti into BE@RBRICK form​​.
Bearbrick x Banksy – Flower Bomber and Flying Balloon Girl
Bearbrick x Banksy – Flower Bomber and Flying Balloon Girl

Karimoku 1000% Bearbrick

The Karimoku 1000% Bearbrick represents a unique and sophisticated collaboration between BE@RBRICK and Karimoku, a renowned Japanese furniture maker specializing in wood. This collaboration stands out for its use of high-quality wooden materials, diverging from the standard plastic typically used in BE@RBRICKs. Karimoku, known for its craftsmanship and durable wooden furniture, brings this expertise to the Bearbrick, creating a series that is as much a work of art as it is a collectible. The Karimoku Bearbrick collection features several unique styles, each showcasing the natural beauty and texture of wood. These include special editions like the BE@RBRICK Worldwide Tour 2 Karimoku 1000% and the BE@RBRICK Karimoku Walnut 1000% from the Medicom Toy Exhibition 2013. The collaboration has been highly praised for its innovative approach, blending traditional woodworking techniques with contemporary design. The original distribution price for these wooden Bearbricks starts at a high range, reflecting the quality and craftsmanship involved in their creation.

  • Collaborating Company: Karimoku (Japanese furniture maker)
  • Material: High-quality wood
  • Special Editions: BE@RBRICK Worldwide Tour 2 Karimoku 1000%, BE@RBRICK Karimoku Walnut 1000%
  • Price Range: Starting from ¥525,000 or $4600
  • Unique Aspect: First BE@RBRICK series to use wood instead of plastic​​​​.
Karimoku 1000% Bearbrick
Karimoku 1000% Bearbrick

CLOT x Levi’s Watermelon and Strawberry Bearbrick (2008)

The CLOT x Levi’s Watermelon and Strawberry Bearbrick collaboration, launched in 2008, is a playful and vibrant series that infuses the classic BE@RBRICK design with a fruit-themed twist. This unique collaboration between CLOT, a lifestyle and fashion brand, and Levi’s, the iconic denim company, resulted in two distinctively designed Bearbricks – one resembling a watermelon and the other a strawberry. The designs capture the essence of each fruit with striking accuracy and creativity, making them instantly recognizable and appealing. The popularity of these fruit-themed Bearbricks was so significant that a reissue was made in 2010, a testament to their enduring appeal. These collectibles were part of a larger collection featuring various brand collaborations, but the CLOT x Levi’s designs stood out for their playful concept and vibrant aesthetics. They quickly sold out upon release and again during the reissue, highlighting their popularity among collectors and fans of both brands.

  • Collaborating Brands: CLOT and Levi’s
  • Design Themes: Watermelon and Strawberry
  • Release Years: Original in 2008, Reissue in 2010
  • Material: Standard BE@RBRICK material (plastic)
  • Special Note: Part of a larger collection featuring various brand collaborations
  • Popularity: Sold out quickly upon both initial release and reissue​​.
CLOT x Levi’s Watermelon and Strawberry Bearbrick (2008)
CLOT x Levi’s Watermelon and Strawberry Bearbrick (2008)

The Diversity and Creativity in BE@RBRICK Collaborations

The world of BE@RBRICK collaborations is a vivid tapestry of creativity, innovation, and cultural fusion. Each collaboration we’ve explored reflects a unique confluence of artistic vision and design ingenuity. From the dissected characters of KAWS and the haute couture elegance of Coco Chanel to the vibrant pop art of Keith Haring and the streetwise edge of the BAPE and mastermind JAPAN partnership, BE@RBRICK has seamlessly blended various artistic realms.

These collaborations are not just about creating collectible items; they represent a larger narrative in contemporary culture. BE@RBRICKs have become a medium through which the boundaries between art, fashion, and pop culture are not just blurred but harmoniously integrated. They stand as miniature monuments to modern artistic expression, showcasing how art can be both accessible and sophisticated, playful yet profound.

The impact of BE@RBRICK in the realms of art and fashion is substantial. It has democratized the concept of art collection, making it possible for a wider audience to engage with and own a piece of work from renowned artists and designers. In fashion, these collaborations have introduced a new dimension to brand storytelling, allowing labels to express their identity in a novel and tactile form.

In pop culture, BE@RBRICKs have transcended their status as mere toys or collectibles. They have become cultural icons, a part of the global lexicon of style and artistry. The diverse range of collaborations – whether they are with legendary artists, iconic fashion designers, or symbols of popular culture – all contribute to this narrative.

In conclusion, the variety and innovation in BE@RBRICK collaborations are not just a testament to the creativity of the artists and designers involved but also to the evolving nature of art and fashion in the modern world. BE@RBRICK stands as a symbol of this evolution, continually pushing the boundaries and inviting us to reimagine the possibilities of artistic collaboration.

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