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About UrbToy: Your Gateway to Art Toy Excellence

UrbToy is your premier destination for Bearbrick and KAWS collectibles. Founded by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts, we pride ourselves on delivering exclusive pieces and fostering a community that cherishes art toy culture. Experience the UrbToy difference.

Our Story-How UrbToy was founded.

In the bustling streets of urban landscapes, a group of young enthusiasts found their calling. It all began with our shared love for street art. The raw emotion, the vibrant colors, and the rebellious spirit of graffiti spoke to us. It wasn’t just art; it was a form of expression, a voice that resonated with our youthful energy and passion.

As we delved deeper into this world, our paths crossed with like-minded individuals who introduced us to the realm of art toys. The intricate designs, the stories behind each figure, and the fusion of street art with collectible figures captivated us. We began attending conventions, meeting artists, and slowly building our own collection of unique pieces.

The more we immersed ourselves, the more we realized the potential of bringing these art forms to a broader audience. We wanted to bridge the gap between street art lovers and art toy collectors. And so, UrbToy was born.

Our journey from being mere admirers of street art to establishing UrbToy has been nothing short of exhilarating. We’ve collaborated with renowned artists, hosted events, and curated exclusive collections. But our proudest achievement is the community we’ve built – a community that shares our passion and appreciates the artistry behind every piece.

Our Collections

At UrbToy, every Bearbrick and KAWS collectible we offer is a testament to our commitment to authenticity and quality. Here’s how we ensure that:

Direct Sourcing:
Our dedicated buyers in Japan and the USA establish direct, offline contacts with trusted sellers. This hands-on approach ensures the legitimacy of every piece we acquire.

Online Drops Participation:
We actively engage in online drops, ensuring we have access to the most sought-after releases. This not only keeps our collection current but also verifies the authenticity of our sources.

Verification Process: Every collectible undergoes a rigorous verification process. We cross-check the authenticity of each item, ensuring it aligns with the standards set by the original creators.

We maintain a transparent acquisition process, providing our customers with the confidence that every purchase is genuine and sourced from reputable sellers.

When you choose UrbToy, you’re choosing a trusted source for genuine art toy collectibles, backed by a commitment to authenticity and excellence.

Our Team

At UrbToy, our team is the backbone of our success. Each member brings a unique perspective, passion, and expertise to the table. Here’s a closer look at the key players who make UrbToy the trusted name it is today

Commitment to Authenticity

At UrbToy, our reputation hinges on the authenticity of every art toy we offer. We understand the value, both emotional and monetary, that our customers place on genuine collectibles. Our commitment to authenticity is unwavering, and here’s how we ensure it:

Every Bearbrick, KAWS, and other art toy that comes to us undergoes a stringent verification process. Our team of experts meticulously examines each piece, cross-referencing with manufacturer details, checking for specific markers, and ensuring that every item matches the standards set by the original creators.

We’ve established direct partnerships with some of the most reputable brands and artists in the art toy industry. These relationships not only allow us to source products directly but also ensure that we’re always updated with the latest information on genuine releases.

Our product authenticators undergo regular training and are certified by recognized institutions in the art toy industry. This continuous learning ensures that they’re always equipped with the latest knowledge and tools to verify the authenticity of products.

We believe in complete transparency. Every product listed on UrbToy comes with detailed information about its origin, and we’re always open to answering any queries our customers might have regarding the authenticity of a product.

Our promise to you is simple: If it’s on UrbToy, it’s genuine. We stake our reputation on it.

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