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What Is Bearbrick 400% ?

Bearbrick 400% is a popular size in the Bearbrick series by Medicom Toy, measuring around 28 cm (11 inches) tall. These figures are renowned for their artistic and collaborative designs, often featuring work from celebrated artists and iconic brands. Bearbrick 400% serves as a perfect blend of art, culture, and collectibility, making them a favorite among collectors and art enthusiasts. With their unique aesthetics and diverse representations, each Bearbrick 400% is more than a collectible toy; it’s a miniature piece of art reflecting various facets of popular culture.

Free Shipping Over 200$

Free Shipping Over 200$

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Reutrn & Exchange within 30 days

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100% Authenticity guaranteed

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WHy choose our Bearbrick 400%

  • Guaranteed Authenticity: We offer only genuine Bearbrick 400% figures, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity for collectors.
    Exclusive Varieties: Our store boasts a wide selection of Bearbrick 400% figures, including rare and exclusive designs not found elsewhere.

  • Competitive Pricing: We provide the most attractive prices for our Bearbrick 400% collection, ensuring great value for your investment.

  • Expertly Curated Collection: Our Bearbrick 400% range is carefully selected by experts, featuring figures from iconic collaborations and unique artistic expressions.

  • Worldwide Shipping: We offer reliable and efficient global shipping options to deliver your favorite Bearbrick 400% right to your doorstep.

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Why we love Bearbrick 400%

In a small, vibrant corner of Tokyo’s Harajuku district, the phenomenon of Bearbrick 400% began. In the early 2000s, Medicom Toy launched these figures, capturing the hearts of locals and tourists alike. Initially displayed in trendy boutiques and select toy stores, Bearbrick 400% quickly became a symbol of modern Japanese pop culture.

Each Bearbrick 400%, standing at 28 cm, became a canvas for creativity. From collaborations with renowned artists and fashion brands to interpretations of iconic characters, Bearbrick 400% represented a fusion of art, fashion, and pop culture. Their appeal wasn’t confined to children; adults too were drawn to their unique designs and the stories they told.
What started as a trend in Tokyo’s streets soon spread worldwide.

Bearbrick 400% became not just collectibles but a part of a lifestyle, adorning homes and offices as a statement of contemporary art and design. They encapsulated a blend of nostalgia and innovation, resonating with our desire to connect with art in its most playful form.

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